Commodity Marketing Company is a risk management provider for biorefineries in the Midwest since 1998. Commodity Marketing’s biorefinery risk management services include:  
–       Margin management, margin forecasting, breakeven analysis, and crush trading
–       Cash grain trading, hedging, feedstock position oversight, and inventory management
–       Derivative risk-related strategies for Corn, Natural Gas, Ethanol, Corn Oil, and DDGS
–       Developing and increasing grain origination from producers delivered to biorefineries
–       Customer specific liquidity tolerance and position sensitivity analysis
–       Competitive site studies

Ag Producers - AgFit

Commodity Marketing Company’s AgFit program works side-by-side with Ag producers and their lenders, developing customer specific marketing plans that are designed to protect profitability without eliminating market opportunity. CMC assists producers in establishing the following:
–       Achievable marketing goals
–       Detailed marketing plan that incorporates producer breakeven costs
–       Derivative strategies that can enhance position performance with definable risk parameters
–       Storage optimization
–       Maximizing carry revenue and basis
–       Continued S&D analysis, which allows producers to adjust risk parameters based on evolving market dynamics    

In working with Ag producers and lenders, CMC’s primary goal is to help farmers maximize their return-on-investment while still being cognizant of the need to mitigate risk in managing a sustainable farming practice.


Sitos identified a long-standing cash delivery inefficiency in the grain markets. The farmer’s ability to optimize his marketing alternatives was restricted based on a contracted, singular delivery obligation. Sitos Grain was created to eliminate this inefficiency by transferring that opportunity back to the producer. By providing multiple delivery destinations. Sitos now offers specific contracts to capitalize on this potential market premium. Sitos Grain is a licensed and bonded grain buyer in the state of Minnesota. Sitos has substantial equity and an extensive line of credit with AgCountry Farm Credit Services to help facilitate all of our customer needs.

For more information please visit sitosgrain.com: sitosgrain.com

Commercial Grain Handlers

Commodity Marketing Company has an extensive history working closely with commercial grain handlers. CMC’s staff includes over 50 years of cash grain handling experience including:  
–       Country elevator management
–       Cash grain buying and hedging
–       Storage and spread revenue strategies
–       Barge trading
–       Rail Trading
–       Arbitrage